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Introductory Workshop - Yoga & Jesus
Live Online

Saturday, November 14, 2020
1:00- 2:30 PM

Are you curious about yoga and if Christians can appropriately participate in this ancient Eastern practice?

You’ll learn a brief history of the practice of yoga, an overview of the intention of the practice, why we call it a “practice”... and so much more.

This Christ-centered Yoga Introductory Workshop is open to the public and every-BODY is invited to attend.

Join me and follow along in your own copy of provided written material for 60 minutes of live, online presentation followed by 30 minutes of interactive workshop and Q/A.

Upon completion of the workshop, you will also receive an exclusive YouTube link to my 60-minute pre-recorded “Beginners Yoga” class to practice over and over again.

Men & Women at ANY fitness level are invited.

Age 18 + (Age 13-17 may attend alongside a parent or guardian).

$25 per person or $40 per couple.

***EARLY BIRDS! --- Register Before Saturday 10/31 and you may win your Workshop for FREE --- Drawing to be held upon Workshop Completion at 2:30pm on Saturday 11/14 --- Winner receives FULL REFUND of Workshop Fee***

Your non-refundable fee includes:

• 90-minutes live online instruction (not recorded)

• 60-minute pre-recorded “Beginners Yoga” video - unlimited access

  • FREE PDF workbook


"I began my yoga practice in 2001 shortly after I was diagnosed with MS. This practice helped me mentally and physically. At that time, I did not have any guilt practicing yoga even though I was a Christian. I thought it was a gift from God because of the way I felt after the class.

In 2019, I decided to become an instructor. I completed a 200-hour Instructor training class at a local studio. It was at this time that I started to feel guilty. Thinking to myself, what am I doing? I am a Christian. I was fearful that teaching this practice would cause people to stray from Jesus.

I heard about Faith-based yoga from my friend, Jody, but was still skeptical thinking it’s the same yoga I’m doing but it’s just called a different name. I’ve been to several Faith-based yoga classes and love the freedom of praising Jesus with every inhale and exhale of the breath He has given me. God has given me the ability to move despite my MS diagnosis. I want those movements to be praise and honor to Him.

In August 2020, I took Bethanie’s “Intro to Jesus + Yoga Workshop” and truly believe God used her to speak to me. After just an hour and a half, the guilt was gone. What made a difference to me was the brief history and the beginning of yoga that Bethanie explained and also her explanation that people have changed and added to the yoga practice just like people change and add to recipes. Sometimes the things you change in a recipe are good sometimes it can be bad.

I want to teach Faith-based yoga and I will someday. This workshop has enabled me to freely pursue any open doors that God offers.
No guilt.
What Freedom!"
~ Lisa Hauenstein


No experience is necessary.

The FREE PDF workbook and Zoom meeting link will be provided for each participant upon paid Registration.

No refunds unless the event is canceled by the host

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