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Contracted Rates Available for Organizations or Private Practice

These specialty practices are available for private and/or contracted sessions.
Currently, there are no public offerings for these practices.

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12 Step Recovery Oriented Yoga

Offering 12-step Recovery-Oriented Yoga to various organizations since 2014. 

  • 2019-2020 at Esther House (Teen Challenge)

  • 2014-2021 at Neil Kennedy Recovery Center in Youngstown Ohio --- HERE is a blog post from NKRC---

My work was featured in THIS BLOG post from an international organization, Christians Practicing Yoga.


Prayerful & Playful

The purpose of my Kids' Yoga practice is to encourage and foster a practice for children AGES 2-12 to connect with God. I facilitate sessions by connecting Bible stories or nature themes through yoga postures, teaching children that their bodies are a temple of the Living God. 

This practice includes learning the fruits of the spirit (gentleness, patience, and self-control) through movement, worship, music, playful activities, meditation, and prayer. I see this as a privilege and honor to share with parents, teachers, and caregivers.

For Childrens' Ministry Programs

or Childcare Facility Programming

please contact me.

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PreNatal Yoga


With a Providers consent, practicing yoga while pregnant is safe.

Yoga will help your body prepare for labor and will assist during labor. It allows you to enter a grace filled space where you learn to listen to your body and honor its needs. It allows you to fill your heart with compassion for you and your baby. You will build stamina and strength, calm your nerves, find balance and relieve tension in areas such as your lower back, hips, and legs.


Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

•Improved sleep quality

•Reduced swelling from fluid retention

•Reduces the impact of extra weight on posture/alignment

•Reduces pregnancy weight gain

•Reduced back pain

•Increase daily energy levels

•Increased strength and flexibility

•Reduces pregnancy sickness and fatigue

•Better blood circulation

•Improved digestion

•Reduces stress

•Allows for faster recovery after birth of baby

•Prepares body for labor and delivery

•Prepares body for carrying and breastfeeding a baby



"I can not say enough good things about Bethanie and our private prenatal yoga sessions! Her kind guidance and encouragement truly were invaluable through my pregnancy. Being able to tailor each session to how I was feeling at that particular time was fantastic and somehow the readings and meditation themes were always so timely."
~ Alyssa, Salem, Ohio

"Bethanie came to my house and made me feel so comfortable.

She encouraged me to keep my baby on me during yoga, which I did not expect! She knew exactly what I needed after the baby- to stay at home and relax while missing my active lifestyle... I just LOVE her!"

~ Emily, Youngstown, Ohio


Contact me to schedule private sessions in your home.

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