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Stress Reduction Workshop


Customized Stress Reduction Workshops & Yoga Practices

I offer Yoga Practice and Stress Reduction Workshops with contracted rates for any size organization, customizing all aspects of your needs.

My specialized workplace programs offer non-denominational readings and meditation, compliant with EEOC guidelines.


We work long hours, hunched over desks, phones, and computers. We often skip meals to make deadlines and do not practice self care due to time demands after we leave the workplace.

Yoga in the workplace can offer employees an opportunity to re-energize therefore increasing work production and quality of output.


1. Immediate and sustained relief of head, neck and back strain, symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, high blood pressure and work-related injuries from repetitive motion.

2. Improved concentration, clarity, and alertness.

3. Improved ability to produce and respond calmly during deadlines and other stressful situations.

4. Improves customer service outcomes

5. Improves employee attendance due to declined stress-related sick occurrences.

6. Enhances interaction among co-workers and supervisors leading to better working relationships.

7. Overall sense of well-being and cooperation in the workplace, reducing employee turnover.



"Yoga during my lunchbreak is absolutely heavenly. What a fabulous way to get away from your desk to recharge your brain. Bethanie is amazing - her inspirational readings throughout the session, then that brief little facial massage she gives everyone is just enough to refresh me. I finish the afternoon in a positive and alert state of mind. I love it!" ~ Insurance Firm Employee

"Bethanie gave a 30 minute class during our lunch break, and when we were finished, we were refreshed, our spirits were renewed, and stress from the morning's hectic workload was diminished. The class soon became our favorite time of the week. All the participants were ready to return to their duties with renewed energy and with the right mind set to assist our customers." ~ Insurance Firm Employee

"I participated in Yoga once a week on my lunch hour and honestly wished it could have been every lunch hour. It was the most pleasant (sometimes challenging, yet always rejuvenating) part of my day. While I have found it difficult to make the time otherwise to attend a yoga class, I am captive on my lunch with no excuses. Also, being new to yoga, it limited the class to people I already know and am mostly comfortable being around. Bethanie is an awesome yoga instructor, patient and understanding and always seemed to pick an inspirational reading that went right to the heart of what was on my mind. I always wished our yoga time was a little longer, but it was a wonderful break in what was often a stressful workday." ~ Insurance Firm Employee

"The stress reduction workshop was excellent. I thought the speaker was very inspirational and gave some great tips and insight on reducing stress." ~ County Employee

"I thought (the workshop) was wonderful! She’s a great teacher and I learned more than I thought possible in that hour." ~ County Employee

"I thought it was a great presentation and very important information was taught about taking time for ourselves every day to practice mind and body relaxation techniques." ~ County Employee

"The speaker was great and the yoga relaxing." ~ County Employee

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